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Comprehensive Solutions

What makes me different from other personal trainers in dc is that I am a lifestyle coach and understand that proper nutrition and exercise can lead to not just great health, but it is vital for living stronger lives. Focusing on fitness and nutrition serves as the cornerstone of optimal health. I am also dedicated in educating each of my client how to adopt a healthy and more productive lifestyle. That means I am committed to providing you with the very best in personal fitness training.


My method of training is results-driven, scientifically based, proven program designed to help you ACHIEVE YOUR FITNESS POTENTIAL . I am driven to exceed your expectations. I absolutely love helping people improve their health, and are constantly educating myself by reading research, refining my skills, and collaborating with multiple health and fitness professionals to help optimize my fitness skills.


Whether you are an experienced athlete or have no previous experience in fitness training, this is the place for you.



 Compassion, caring, and a sense of humor characterizes my personality. My clients know that I care, I listen, I drive them to get results. Accountability: Nothing is ever achieved without accountability.  There is nothing more important to you than your health. Therefore I have utilized very unique procedure to provide this crucial element that is so often neglected



I have managed to help, educate and inspire hundreds of people in the Washington DC area in bettering their health, fitness and quality of life.  The transformations you see on the Success Stories* page my clients achieve are profound. My results speak for themselves. These are real clients.


My sessions are solo or 2-clients-1-trainer. If you choose a 2-clients-1-trainer session, you pay one rate, whether you are paired up or not.