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I competed in pageants when I was younger, so I had a lot of experience with personal trainers, but Dell was hands down the best I’ve ever worked with. He was attentive of my desires to tone my abs and arms. He pushed me during each visit to get great results. I also want to grow my hair, and he gave me nutritional advice to help me improve my hair texture and skin. I can’t say enough great things about Dell. He gets the job done!
— Tabitha S. San Francisco, CA


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  As a DC personal trainer and fitness coach, I find strength training to be the most effective way to increase strength of the entire body including bones, ligaments, rapid weight loss and even self-image and esteem. (One-half pound of muscle is lost every year after the age of 25 therefore reduces the resting metabolic rate (RMR) by one-percent every year. That equals per day, 50 less calories burned. That 1/2 a pound loss of lean muscle fiber equates to a weight gain of 5 pounds of pure fat. That’s just for 1/2 pound lost.) A reduction in RMR means that the body is less capable to utilize the food that we consume as energy therefore the food get stored as fat. Strength training prevents significant loss of muscle, lowered resting metabolic rate (RMR), and increased weight gain over the lifespan. Contact this DC Personal Trainer today to start your weight loss and get lean



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  Functional training is the body ability to enhance coordination, muscular strength and endurance, to help meet the challenges of sports performance and to better perform the types of movements we use for everyday living. Functional Strength Training (Personal Fitness Training) is an integrated approach to strength training focused on exercising multiple muscles and joints together instead of working muscles in isolation as with conventional strength training. Functional Straining Training emphasizes the body’s core muscles – abdomen, glutes and back – as stabilizers. The core plays an important role in nearly every sports activity. Functional Straining Training uses: free weights such as Cable machines, Dumbbells, Medicine balls, physio-balls (also called Swiss balls or exercise balls, resistance tubes, rocker and wobble boards, balance disks).



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Kettlebell exercises are simple, functional and weight bearing; therefore they help increase bone density and keep the body strong for daily routines. Kettlebell training is time efficient in that you use multiple muscle groups and fitness components in the same session: Cardio, balance, endurance, stability and power. It improves agility and coordination. Kettlebell training is a compound workout, which enhances weight loss. Do you want to be lean? Kettlebell is your avenue.


Core strength training

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 Essentially, core training is strength and balance training for your abdominal and back muscles. Core training is excellent for improving your functional fitness or your ability to complete daily physical tasks like taking out the trash or picking up a child. Core training works on the deep muscles of the torso and requires contracting and stretching of various muscles in the midsection. Weights, exercise bands, BOSU balls, and other tools are used to train the core yet in many cases, body weight is sufficient .


Kick boxing

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 is a trendy yet effective way to burn calories and strengthen your entire body. If you are familiar with Taebo, Krav Maga, or other martial art forms, you have seen elements of kickboxing in action. Kickboxing serves as a full-body workout that when executed well, can tone your body with punches and kicks as well as relieve tension and stress. You will experience muscle definition, a firmer midsection, and strong calves and hamstrings which elongate the body. Kickboxing is not for every temperament or body type so make sure your exercise program is something you are comfortable doing long-term. It is essential to learn proper technique and form with kickboxing or you will be doing more harm to your body than good.

My sessions are solo or 2-clients-1-trainer. If you choose a 2-clients-1-trainer session, you pay one rate, whether you are paired up or not.


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