Personal trainer DC Cost 

Working with a DC personal trainer can help you see results and meet your goals faster and better results and Working with a personal trainer is beneficial because a personal trainer can direct you to do exercises in correct manners. A personal trainer can keep you motivated, change your fitness routine and help make sure you have the proper form when performing your exercise routine. Working a fitness trainer in the DC area costs money.

  • Average personal training cost

The national average cost for a one-hour personal training session is around $80 to $125, but many factors influence that price. There also are many ways you can work with a personal trainer to get the motivation and training you need at a price that mirrors your budget.

  • Factors in pricing

Location: Most Personal trainers in large cities generally have higher costs per session than trainers in more suburb areas. Also, personal trainers who train customers in a fitness center typically charge less than private personal trainers do in-home or in-office fitness training. For example, a personal trainer who is 20 miles from Washington, DC, would change less than a personal trainer in DC.

Your preferences: If you want a personal trainer to go on training runs with you, the personal training cost might be a bit more than if you meet your personal trainer at the commercial gym where he or she works, where he/she has more restrictions.

Let's say you're training for a specific event or you want to slim down quickly and you might not mind paying on the higher end of the national average, then working with one-on-one is the best option.

  • How to make training more affordable

Length of session: You might decide partner up with a friend, spouse, or family to lower the price per session fitness training. Some DC personal trainer offers two clients on one personal trainer during the work out session. A personal training session usually lasts an hour long. You can ask your personal trainer to do 30 minutes long and pay half the regular price. After a few months, you realize you are not making progress on your fitness goals; you can go back to hourly sessions.

Package deals: You may be able to get a deal on a group of personal training sessions. If you book and pay for, say, 24 sessions in a month, you may be able to get a 10 percent discount. Check with your personal trainer or commercial gym.