Five rules for better sleep


Researchers are investigating a possible link between more sleep and better health, particular weight loss. Below are 5 rules which will not only help you get more sleep but also help drop a few pounds in the process.

Follow these 5 rules for a better sleep and healthier you:


Pick whole grains over white flour products: The added fiber will not only improve your health but keep you fuller longer than the white flour. The effects of sleepless nights can produce weight gain, irritability. The body becomes more susceptible to illness. There are just a few issues associated with not getting enough sleep. Before you reach for that prescribed sleeping pill, you should examine simple reason why that shut-eye isn't coming naturally to you. There are much more natural ways to help you deal with sleepless nights: For example, having a warm bowl of oatmeal can help.

Whole-grain oats boost the production of insulin, which in term help tryptophan production — an amino acid that acts as a soothing agent — to the brain. Oats are high in B6, a stress-reducing vitamin, and natural sleep aid, like melatonin. If you are interested in increasing the sleep-inducing power of your oatmeal, make certain to add milk and bananas to it. Both of these nourishments contain nutrients known to help the body relax. It's a perfect recipe for nature's own sedative.


Don't eat after 7:00 p.m.: If you have to eat a bedtime snack, choose something healthy such as a piece of whole grain toast with 1 teaspoon of peanut/almond butter.

It is encouraged to consume most of your calories during the day. Why? Your metabolism starts to slow down later in the day preparing your body for rest.

Studies prove that there is a correlation between eating late night meals and weight gain. During late night eating, the level triglyceride levels, which in turn signals the body to store fat for future energy use. Because there is no physical activity during nighttime, the fats remain in our body without being burned. Hence, this results in weight gain.


Choose a low calorie healthy mix of foods for nighttime snack: Choose foods with a mixture of complex carbs, protein, and calcium. The combination of these makes it easier for us to go to bed by producing serotonin. However, keep the snack under 200 calories, avoid too much protein or else it will be harder to fall asleep and avoid foods which may induce heartburn.

Avoid High protein foods close to bed time: you could be kept wide awake and lose sleep

Avoid Eating Sleep Busters such as caffeine Close to Bedtime: Avoid any heartburn inducing or foods with caffeine such as spicy foods, tomato sauce, carbonated drinks, citrus, chocolate, fatty and fried foods, garlic and onions, and mint.