The power of writing down your goals

Every time I sit down with a potential client, I ask them to do one thing before we even do anything else: Write down their goals. Know what you want.

There is a significant amount of information found online, shared by researchers, and spoken of by motivational speakers that stress the importance and power of goal setting. However, the first step is the hardest, knowing exactly what the goals are you are working towards. You think you know, you speak about them generally, but you don’t write them down and make them concrete. The practice of writing helps us to commit to what we want to achieve; it helps us visualize, and provides a reminder of where we want to go.  

As a result, many of us go through life without really knowing what it is we want to accomplish. Very few of us have measurable and specific goals to work towards.


It’s now the start of 2017 and the New Year presents another opportunity to strive towards our goals. Resolutions have been made, and I want to help you achieve your targets with goal setting and ultimately goal achieving. If you write your goals on a piece of paper and never to look at them again and never take action toward then, you are wasting your time. You must take huge steps to achieve your goals.

Why Writing down your goals?

Does it really help to write down your goals? Writing your goals has a profound effect on the brain. Writing your goals ignites an entire dimension of the conscious mind to the powerhouse of the subconscious mind.             The odds of accomplishing your goals are much higher if you write them down.  There was a study done about goal-setting in the Harvard MBA. In the study, they ask thos e MBA students if they have specific and clear goals for their future.   Only 3% of the students had written goals and plans to make it come to reality.  13% had their goals in their minds and had written them nowhere.  The rest 84% had no goals whatsoever.   They interviewed the students after 10 years, the 3% who had written goals earned 10 times more than the remainder of the group. That is astonishing!! A goal without a plan is useless, folks!! 



Starting small is critical to stay on track, especially if it involved behavior modification. For example, instead of spending two hours at the gym, rather invest only a half hour the first week. Changing a behavior is not easy. It requires commitment and dedication. A lot of us want to be great and reach ambitious milestones, but not all of us are willing to go through a grueling process to be great.  Most of us give up after one attempt or one failure.  Don’t settle, continue to strive for greatness. Take the first step and write it down!


After you write down your goals, you must set out to accomplish them in a timely fashion.  You must set in your mind when you want to achieve your goals. Everything in life has a time limit. There will be setbacks at times; you must stay committed to yourself and your goals.  Take small steps.  Getting to better health is a step